Why Performance Cars Use Big Wheel Rims?

Time: March 14, 2022

1. For beauty: Supercars and performance cars look better than regular cars. The so-called face value is not only the body line, but also the cool big wheels. Wheels that are too small will look petty.

2. For braking performance: The brake discs and calipers of performance cars are larger than those of ordinary cars. So, even if you don't consider the small wheel rim to be unsightly, the smaller space on the inside can't hold so much stuff! The larger hollows between the rim banners are more conducive to the heat dissipation of the braking system.

3. For maneuverability: This is also the core point. Larger wheels, the starting point is to "hold up" large tires with low aspect ratios. These tires have large diameters, low heights, and wide treads. With the tires installed, the outermost rim of the rim is closer to the ground (less tire rubber is between the rim and the ground).

Therefore, when accelerating, braking, and especially turning, the tire deformation is smaller, and you can feel an excellent road feel (the feeling that the wheel transmits from the road to the hand).

At the same time, the large wheels of supercars and performance cars are generally lighter, which greatly reduces the unsprung weight (the total weight of a series of swing arms, tires, wheels, tie rods, etc. below the shock absorber is a performance indicator).

Therefore, these points add up, and the handling of the vehicle can be better played.

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