Wheel Adapter

Time: April 15, 2022

Hub centric wheel adapters

Wheel adapters are usually found in the situations which require a fitting to help to put a wheel on a vehicle. Dating back to the very beginning, the wide bolt pattern has made impossible decorative rims. As a result, this fitting are designed to bring in many benefits.

Generally speaking, the materials such as the aluminum or steel are available for manufacturing of this necessary industrial fitting for most automobiles. And in order to meet the various specifications, there is a great variety for practical use. For example, the most common type is the one designed like a heavy and flat disk. It can be attached tightly by the pre-drilling studs and others to the onside holes.

When the wheel is not normally required to be placed on a vehicle, it is wise to take the wheel adapter for help. The corn parts of this fitting are the two bolt patterns. The one is used to attach the vehicle's hub and the other is used to protrude from the adapter. As the space has been left, the new required wheel can match the vehicle conveniently and perfectly. The wheel adapter is able to excellently combine the vehicle and the wheel together by the aid of the special countersunk lug bolts and nuts.

People would wonder the safety caused by the employment of the wheel adapter. Actually, it is safe seriously under the related specifications. If the weight and size limits or other things can be totally under control, it is beneficial by adopting the wheel adapter. But there is something which needs our attentions. As this fitting is designed primarily for decorative retrofitting of aftermarket wheel, it is unwise to put it for the use of heavy hauling or hard cornering. Otherwise, unpleasant situations would occur, even some accidents. In conclusion, the selection on the specific type should be taken seriously according the specific requirements.

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