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What are the benefits of forged wheels over stock casting wheels?

Time: July 08, 2022

1. Durable and safer

Forged aluminum rings are 1-2 times stronger than cast aluminum rings and 4-5 times stronger than general iron rings, so they are stronger, have better toughness and fatigue resistance, and are safer.

2. Lightweight

Forged wheels of the same size can be about 20% lighter in weight, and 1KG lighter on the wheel can increase 10 horsepower. In addition, the lightweight also significantly improves the response speed of the suspension, making it easier to deal with road potholes. Bump is greatly reduced

3. Fuel saving and good heat dissipation performance

According to Japanese experiments, the weight of a 5-seater car is reduced by 1kg, which saves about 20L of gasoline a year. Forged wheels have better heat dissipation, high-speed driving, and tires are not easy to bulge and blow out.

4. Better handling performance

Upgrading the forged wheels increases the width of the wheel without affecting the steering and loading, so that the acceleration, braking and sensitivity of the vehicle are significantly improved, and the car will obviously feel light underfoot.

5. More beautiful

Because the forged wheel hub has a compact structure and can withstand high stress, it can design some relatively lively thin spokes in the shape design, and the design freedom is also high. Cars are more personalized.

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