Monoblock, 2 Piece, and 3 Piece Wheels - What's the Difference?

Time: March 31, 2022

In the wheel industry, forged wheels are regarded as being the premium rim type as they offer a number of performance, styling, and strength benefits. There are three main variants of custom forged wheels: monoblock wheel rim, 2 piece wheel rim and 3 piece wheel rim.

The manufacturing process for different forged wheels is very similar. All these three types of custom forged wheels begin as blocks of pure aerospace-grade T6-6061 aluminum. The blocks of aluminum are placed inside a forging machine where it is compressed under colossal amounts of pressure to create the shape of a rim, or piece of a wheel. The intense pressure creates a dense grain structure without any microscopic imperfections, giving the wheel an incredibly high strength. This strong composition allows for manufactures to use less metal than other rim types, lending to a lighter overall weight.

Different from 2 piece wheel rim and 3 piece forged wheels, monoblock wheels are the lightest of any custom forged wheels due to their single piece construction and forged aluminum makeup. The low weight helps to reduce weight at the wheel hub of a vehicle, thus leading to faster acceleration, greater lateral grip, quicker braking, and improved fuel economy. Their forged construction also makes them durable and reliable, which is why they are often used for performance cars and at autocross, track, and racing events.

2 piece wheel rim, 3 piece wheels: their complexconstruction does allow for a wide variety of widths, color combinations, finishes, and offsets to be used to create a truly perfect fitment.

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