Does the rim need to be replaced if it is bumped?

Time: March 22, 2022

When the vehicle is driving on a daily basis, the tires and wheels cannot avoid being bumped. Since most of the wheel rims are made of aluminum alloy, if the vehicle is driving at a high speed, the wheel rim may be damaged by the stones on the road, resulting in a small piece of the wheel rim being dented. The material of aluminum alloy is relatively brittle, and the recessed position may be damaged. If it is forced to return to its original state, it may cause the rim to rupture. Although some wheels are dented to the point that they can be restored to their original positions and can be used normally, car owners should go to a 4s shop or repair shop to check them carefully, and do not restore them by themselves.

A hole in the rim does not necessarily need to be replaced, mainly depends on the location and condition of the damaged rim. If the side of the rim is knocked into a hole, it does not need to be replaced in this case. If there is a pit where the rim meets the tire wall, and the pit is serious, it needs to be replaced. Because the tire and the sidewall will be affected by this pit, it may cause the tire pressure to decrease, which is a safety hazard.

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