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Can the out-of-roundness wheel rim be repaired?

Time: April 08, 2022

Aluminum alloy material is not only lighter than iron, but also harder than iron, so it is perfect for wheel rims. But aluminum alloy is metal after all. High school physics knowledge tells us that metal has ductility, so aluminum alloy wheels will also be out of round. In addition, the high hardness of aluminum alloy makes it difficult to repair by hammering, so it can only be repaired by turning. Turning the wheel rim will make the wheel rim thinner, unable to withstand strong impact, and it is easy to break when encountering potholes, which is a safety hazard.

There is a relatively mature technology for repairing the out-of-roundness of aluminum alloy tires in foreign countries. They use heating to put the wheel back into the mold to restore it, but at present, it is known that such technology has not been introduced in China. Therefore, whether it is an iron wheel or an aluminum alloy wheel, if it is out of round, it is not recommended to repair it, because there will still be safety hazards after repair.

Concave Forged Aluminum Alloy Car Wheel

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