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Is it necessary to repair the scratches of the brushed wheel rim?

Time: April 08, 2022

It is necessary to repair the scratches of the brushed wheel rim. As an integral part of the car tire, the wheel rim is very important to support the car and deeply affects the driving safety of the car owner. If the brushed wheel is scratched, the most obvious thing is that it will affect the beauty of the whole car. If the owner does not pay attention to this aspect, it is not necessary to repair it. If the brushed wheel rim is seriously scratched, it must be repaired if it causes wear on the wheel rim. The alloy part of the brushed wheel rim is worn, which will affect the safety of the car owner.

When the brushed wheel rim is slightly scratched, you can use sandpaper to polish the scratches to the same color as the original. If the scratched area is relatively large, you can use a special sticker for the wheel rim to stick it. If the scratches are serious, it is recommended that the car owner go to the 4s shop or repair shop to have professional personnel use a wire drawing machine to repair or replace the new wheel.

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