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Are custom forged wheels reliable? Who is suitable for buying forged wheels?

Time: November 08, 2021

We know that the characteristics of overall forging (such as BBS, Rays, TWS, OZ and other brands), that is, in the forging process, aluminum ingots do not destroy molecular bonds like casting, and molecular bonds can be preserved to the greatest extent. In the process of forging the spokes, the metal streamlines generated by these microscopic molecular bonds at the macroscopic angle are further extruded and strengthened, and the microscopic metal molecules are further pressed to be more compact, so that the forged rim has very good mechanic performance.

In "custom forging", the spokes are not extruded by a forging press, but are engraved by CNC, which lacks the step of strengthening and strengthening, and then the cutting process will directly cut off the molecular bonds on the surface of the rim, which has a negative impact on the mechanical properties of the rim.

Therefore, in order to achieve the performance of the overall forged rim, a custom forged rim must use more materials, resulting in weight gain; if the former pursues light weight, its performance is not as good as the overall forged rim, or even the same weight. of spin-cast rims.

Although the mechanical properties of custom forging are indeed inferior to that of overall forging, the advantage of custom forging is that CNC cutting has a higher degree of freedom in the design of the rim, some very exaggerated and individual shapes, and the casting and forging processes have limitations and cannot be helped. It can be done by CNC cutting, so gorgeous and changeable shape is the first selling point of "custom forging".

The second selling point is "customization". Some car owners who like to play with posture need to customize the specified ET (a parameter of the rim's outer throw range) and width, which is the advantage of customizing the rim; and some "exotic" cars, For example, the PCD of the GM series is 115, and the PCD of the Ford/Volvo series is 108. The PCD of these cars is very unpopular. There are few suitable rims in domestic stock, so it is difficult for car owners to choose their favorite rims. Custom forged rims can freely choose PCD, which is a blessing for unpopular car owners.

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