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Explanation of matters related to chromed wheel repair

Time: June 02, 2022

In many unexpected times, there will be unexpected situations in the finishedrim, which will make the finished defective. At this time, we need to repair the wheels. Most of the wheels on the market are electroplated, so the maintenance of thechromed wheels and the precautions for the maintenance of the wheels are easy to share for you.

When repairing arim, the first thing to do is to determine whether it is anchromedrim. If not, repairs in the electroplating plant are meaningless. If there is no plating, it should be painted.

Chromed wheels can also be divided into silver plating, water plating and pure plating. Among them, pure chromed wheels have a long service life and good quality. Most middle and high-end automobiles use pure chromed wheels.

When repairing or upgrading, we should pay attention to the following points:

Rim deviation, PCD value and hole position, and the size and shape of therim are basically the places that cause problems, so you should pay attention.

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