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Why the bigger the wheel rim of trucks/cars the better?
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Why the bigger the wheel rim of trucks/cars the better?

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Car planning is a science, and the size and shape of the wheels are very important things that convey the aesthetics and emotions of the car. In many times, you can know what brand of car it is just by looking at the wheel rim. Therefore, the size of the wheel rim is not only important, but also very particular, and has a theoretical basis.

Most people don‘t think that the bigger the wheel is, the more beautiful it is. Many modifications have made the wheel more than 25 inches. Now it has broken away from the normal wheel share. It feels like a bodybuilder walking with shoes, pushing the car's ground up. , I think it’s very imbalanced, and I don’t think that aesthetically this kind of car will run fast. For example:

But under most normal circumstances, what we see is that the car company has fitted the car with small wheels because of the cost. The reason why we think the little feet are not good-looking is because the little feet cannot reach the "golden level" of the lines around the car body in our hearts.

So how big are the wheels that we judged to be the most dynamic, elegant, and top-quality gold level? Safeway

The answer is: if the height of the wheel rim can reach half of the height of the car, we begin to feel that the car is dynamic and elegant.

I did not mention this theory. It was summed up by the former famous Audi planner Walter de Silva when planning the Audi A5. When the A5 was born, the surrounding lines caused a sensation. The world called out, "Too It's elegant". It directly affected many Coupe plans of many mass groups and later.

The line of the A5 is like this: As can be seen from the above picture, the height of the A5's roof is exactly twice the height of the wheel rim, achieving a visually elongated but very powerful balance, such a wheel rim size.






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