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Why low pressure wheels gradually replace gravity casting?
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Why low pressure wheels gradually replace gravity casting?

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Why are low pressure wheels gradually replacing gravity casting? Let's first briefly understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two casting processes and see what are the differences in casting.

First, gravity casting is a relatively primitive casting process, that is, the molten metal is poured into the wheel mold by its own gravity. After the liquid fills the entire mold, it is cooled, and then processed before leaving the factory. The disadvantage is that this manufacturing process is simple and low-cost, but because it is filled by the gravity of the liquid itself, it is prone to defects, such as bubbles in the wheel hub, resulting in uneven force on the wheel hub and prone to breakage. This is a relatively dangerous shortcoming. With the continuous improvement of living conditions, most people are unwilling to take this risk and use a wheel with potential safety hazards.

Then, low-pressure casting has gradually replaced gravity casting technology. The liquid metal is poured into the mold through the equipment to apply pressure. During this process, a constant pressure is maintained. While ensuring the density of the liquid metal, it also guarantees the strength of the metal after solidification. . In addition, the low-pressure casting process is all mechanically completed, and the yield rate of casting molding is high, which is very suitable for mass production. Therefore, the cast aluminum alloy wheels designated by automobile manufacturers are all produced by this process.

It is a matter of time that low pressure replaces gravity. One is the early imperfect process, and the other is the last upgrade of the gravity process. The advantages of the gravity process are preserved, and the existing safety hazards are eliminated. Not only can it be greatly improved. Mass production and high yield rate are now the most popular process.






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