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Wheel width and tire matching
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Wheel width and tire matching

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As we all know, there are many different diameters of wheels, as small as 14 inches, as large as 24 inches or more, but at the same time, there are also different widths of the wheels. The width of the wheel not only affects the installation of the wheel on the car, but also affects the tire on the wheel. In this regard, the following will introduce you in detail.

Wheel size

The size of the hub is defined as "diameter x width", so a 17-inch hub may be 17x7.0, 17x7.5 or 17x8.0.

The width of a hub usually increases in proportion to its diameter, so you can hardly see a 17x5.0 or 17x10 hub. The standard sizes are 14x5.0 and 19x10.

The diameter of the hub is easy to determine. Usually the third number of the tire size is, for example, 235/45/17 means that the tire fits a 17-inch hub, but the width of the hub is not so easy to determine. Because most of the wheel width values are engraved on the back of the spokes, you must remove the wheel to read it. If the value is not engraved on the back, you need to actually measure it. Use a tape measure from the inside of each wheel rim, where the tire and the wheel contact Measure, not the outer edge of the hub.

Front and rear wheels

Many high-end rear-wheel drive vehicles, especially BMW and Mercedes-Benz, have rear wheels that are wider than the front wheels. This type of wheel hub is called “front and rear”. The "front and rear" rear wheels and their tires should be wider and provide a larger ground contact area. This is a good thing, but there are also some details that need attention. First of all, "front and rear" means that the front and rear wheels cannot be interchanged, because the front wheels can be well fitted to the rear, while the rear wheels cannot be fitted in the front, and will cause friction between the tires and the car body.

In addition, the tire sizes of the front and rear wheels are also different, which means that care must be taken when buying and installing tires to ensure that the tires are of the correct size and are accurately installed on the appropriate wheels.

Tire matching

Like the wheel hub, the tire also has a variety of different widths. The determined tire width is approved by the corresponding wheel hub width, which means that the tire has enough width to fit the wheel hub. However, in practice, there are often cases of narrow tire width, that is, for tires that are not originally wide enough, the tire wall is widened to make it fit enough, so the tire wall that should be perpendicular to the tread is inclined. This problem is easy to identify and extremely bad, because only when the tire wall is perpendicular to the tread can it effectively bear the weight and protect the wheel in a collision.

To make matters worse, many people, especially young people, regard this useless and dangerous situation as a trend. It seems that the extended appearance of tires can to some extent conceal the stupidity of the tire wall and the wheel hub being inclined at 45 degrees. The facts are the same.






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