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What should be paid attention to when installing the wheel rim?
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What should be paid attention to when installing the wheel rim?

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1. Don't try to buy fakes cheaply

Wheel modification is an important step in car modification. Whether it is appearance modification or improvement of handling performance, the wheel rim plays an important role in it. A high-quality wheel rim, after rigorous production technology and strict inspection, ensures Its personality parameters are qualified. If economic conditions temporarily do not allow it, please choose to refit the wheel carefully. Although the original "steel ring" and "cast wheel" may not be beautiful and lightweight, at least the safety is guaranteed.


2. Choose the right wheel correctly

The role of the wheel rim for improving the appearance is more obvious, but when choosing a wheel rim, every detail must be considered. The various parameters of the wheel rim will affect the use of the wheel rim and the vehicle. If the PCD value is incorrect, it may not be installed properly. ET The value not only affects installation and use, but may also affect future upgrades.


3. Ensure that the rim is installed correctly

When refitting the wheel rim, pay attention to the size of the center hole diameter. If this size is smaller than the original size, it will naturally not be able to be installed, but if it is larger than the original size and no comparison measures are taken, it will cause disagreement when the vehicle is driving. Cause the abnormal noise and jitter of the vehicle, and in severe cases, it will directly affect the safety of the vehicle. If you really like the wheel rim you are looking at, and you happen to have no suitable center hole size, if the size is too small, it can be reamed, and if the size is too large, you can choose a center hole collar provided by some manufacturers for correction.






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