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Under what circumstances to replace the wheel rim
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Under what circumstances to replace the wheel rim

Views:2     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-22      Origin:Site

1. Time to replace the wheel rim

If the rim is bent, broken or severely corroded, the rim should be replaced in time. If you fail to replace the damaged wheel rim, the tire will most likely slip off the wheel rim, and even cause problems such as loss of control of the car. But if it is scratched accidentally, the problem is not big, and the wheel rim must be replaced if it is deformed or dropped directly.

2. No random replacement

Do not change the wheel rim at will. If you change it at will, it will definitely damage the original factory data of the vehicle. After blindly refitting, not only the fuel consumption of the vehicle will increase, but the power and braking effect will also be affected, so replace it carefully.

3. Find a professional auto parts store

Looking for a professional auto parts shop to replace the wheel rim, the general owner changes the wheel rim of the vehicle, and more often the original wheel rim of the vehicle is enlarged and widened to make full use of the advantages of large tires to increase comfort and grip. However, unsuitable wheels will increase tire wear, bring hidden dangers to safety, and reduce the comfort of the vehicle when driving. Therefore, you must find a professional auto parts store to replace it.

4. Requirements for the wheel rim

Wheel rims are mostly made of casting and forging. Lightweight materials are also used. The quality of the rim can be simply judged by whether the sound is crisp or not. At the same time, because the current wheels on the market are coated with relevant metal protective materials, it adds a lot of difficulty to the discrimination, and many car owners suffer from this. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners try to choose well-known brands when choosing wheels. Wheel rim. Wheel sizes are concentrated in 12 inches-21 inches, of which 14 inches-17 inches are commonly used. Compared with iron wheels, aluminum alloy wheels are lighter in weight, high in manufacturing accuracy, strong in strength, and less inertial resistance when the car is running, which is beneficial to improve the straight-line driving performance of the car, and the corresponding fuel consumption will also be reduced. In addition, one thing to note is that the more slabs of the wheel rim, the more it is equated with quality.






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