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Summer is coming, 5 must-do car inspections!
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Summer is coming, 5 must-do car inspections!

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In summer, when the temperature rises and the car is parked outdoors for a period of time, the temperature inside the car will rise linearly. If you are not careful, it may cause car breakdowns due to overheating. Therefore, keep the following 5 points in mind to keep your car away from "danger" !

01 Car maintenance items check tire pressure

I believe everyone has heard of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The temperature of the road surface after summer exposure is as high as 60 degrees. As a medium that directly contacts the ground, heat will be transferred from the ground to the tire, which will increase the tire pressure in the tire. . At this time, if the original tire pressure is too high and the tread is damaged, there is a risk of a tire blowout when driving at high speed. Therefore, before entering the hot and hot weather, it is recommended that car owners install tire pressure gauges for vehicles without tire pressure monitoring. Even if the tire is replaced, ensure that the tires are not cracked, aging, or bulging, and finally set the tire pressure within the normal range. Inside, and reserve a certain amount of space.


02 Car maintenance items, check lines and sundries

For cars over 5 years of age, it is very important to regularly check whether the wiring is aging, cracked, and whether the copper wire is exposed. High temperature will accelerate the aging of the circuit. If the circuit is already worn and other phenomena, the vehicle will easily ignite spontaneously in high temperature weather. Also prone to spontaneous combustion are foreign objects in the engine room and other locations. Some time ago, there was a news that "the chassis is a piece of paper, and the vehicle is burned into an empty shell." It can be seen that regular cleaning is necessary to keep the engine room, chassis and other locations clean. , Because any small piece of paper may become a flammable material that causes a fire.


03 Car maintenance items check the cooling system

Many car owners think that antifreeze is only used in winter to fight against low temperature and freezing weather, but in fact, the main component of antifreeze on the market is ethylene glycol, which has the characteristics of high boiling point and low freezing point, which can effectively reduce the "boiling" of high-temperature engines in summer. The phenomenon. At the same time, we also need to clean or replace cooling systems such as cooling fans, thermostats, and heat sinks. During driving, when the water temperature warning light is on, you should stop and open the engine compartment cover to dissipate heat in time, and do not move on with fluke.


04 Car maintenance items check the air-conditioning filter

The main function of the air-conditioning filter is to insulate the dust, poplar and other sundries in the air from entering the car, and after the air-conditioning is used, water will be generated during the alternating cold and heat of the evaporator, and the two will deteriorate during long-term use. And peculiar smell, breeding bacteria, causing peculiar smell in the air conditioner, especially after autumn and winter, if not replaced in time, the bacteria blown out by the air conditioner will endanger human health.


05 Car maintenance items Check the contents of the car

In addition to the home, the car can also be called the owner's second "storage space". Inflammable and explosive items such as matches, magnifying glass, lighters, carbonated drinks, etc. will be conveniently placed in the car. Such objects are exposed to direct sunlight. After exposure to the sun, it is very easy to cause fires and even explosions. In addition, car perfumes, ornaments and other objects can easily hit the front passenger when braking suddenly, causing secondary injury to the human body.






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