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Speaking of forged wheel modification, those things that have to be said!
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Speaking of forged wheel modification, those things that have to be said!

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Forged automobile wheels are like "shoes." Although the original wheel rim has no quality problems, the style is flawed, the structure is simple, and the shape is monotonous. It does not reflect a little personality at all. Therefore, changing "shoes" has naturally become the entry barrier for car modification. The replacement of the wheel rim involves too many parameters, and it is for safety considerations. It is recommended that the car owner do his homework beforehand to avoid inconvenience to driving in the future.

Forged wheel size

The speedometer is measured based on the wheel speed. If the wheel diameter is too large or too small, it will affect the readings and cause judgment errors. Moreover, the too large wheel diameter will scratch the wheel arches and fenders. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade the wheel rim not to exceed 2 inches at most, and to use thin tires to ensure that the size and height of the wheel is not much different from that before the upgrade.

Center aperture (CB)

The diameter of the center hole of different wheels is different. When refitting the wheel rim, if the center aperture is different from the original value, it can be installed by installing a positioner. However, due to the changeover of the positioner, the vehicle's ability to respond to bumpy road conditions will be reduced. For the driving safety of the owner, it is generally not recommended.

Pitch circle diameter (PCD)

Refers to the diameter of the fixing bolt in the center of the rim, generally consisting of 4 or 5 bolts. Take 5×112mm as an example, that is, the rim has 5 bolt holes and the installation diameter is 112mm. The most important point is that you must choose the bolts that are suitable for the hole position. Even if the unsuitable bolts can be fixed, it is an incorrect installation and there is a greater safety hazard.

Offset (OFFSET)

The offset is also called the ET value, that is, the deviation of the installation interface from the center line of the rim, which is divided into three types: positive, negative, and zero. The original model is generally positive, and the contact surface is biased to the inside. On the contrary, the contact surface is biased to the outside, and the ET value is negative. When the contact surface between the rim and the rim (upper screw surface) is at the center line of the rim, the ET value is 0.


Finally, I suggest that you forged wheel modification enthusiasts, if you really don’t understand the operation of wheel modification, you can choose to consult a regular auto repair shop for purchase and installation.







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