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Small knowledge technology of truck wheel rim
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Small knowledge technology of truck wheel rim

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How to choose a wheel rim to decide whether to choose an aluminum alloy wheel or a steel wheel?

If you buy a car with aluminum alloy wheels, you don't need to consider steel wheels. You can only change for the better. No one is so foolish. If it is a steel rim at the beginning, whether it needs to be replaced with an aluminum alloy wheel, I think it mainly depends on three points: first, whether you have ample money, because the prices of the two are different; second, whether you often run long distances. Personally, I think that the biggest advantage of aluminum alloy rim is lighter weight and better heat dissipation. It can save a lot of fuel when running long distances. Third, look at whether you pay attention to beauty. From the color to the shape, the aluminum rim is indeed much more beautiful than the steel rim. If the steel rim does not have an outer cover, it looks too cold.

Truck wheel rim process

Gravity casting is to pour the liquid alloy into the mold to cool and form. Due to the simple manufacturing process and the durable mold, it has become the lowest cost manufacturing method. The one-piece wheel rim is light in weight, can be the lightest, has good dynamic balance, good reliability, and has no hidden danger of air leakage, but the shape is relatively simple. The multi-piece forged wheel is composed of two parts: the rim and the spoke.

Casting is the most basic method of producing aluminum wheels, and it is also relatively economical. The more common ones are low pressure casting and high back pressure die casting. Among them, low-pressure casting is made by casting molten aluminum in a sand mold, and after it is cooled and formed, it undergoes mechanical processing (deburring, trimming and polishing).

Truck wheel casting

However, due to the continuous stamping of the aluminum block during the production process of the forged wheel, the molecular structure of the forged wheel becomes very tight after being formed, so it can withstand higher pressure.

In this process, the cast rim is formed at one time. Although the production cost is low and the production cycle is short, the molten liquid metal fills the cavity and cools. The middle of the part is prone to pores and the density is lower. This leads to the performance of the cast rim. The upper is brittle, the strength is low, and it is easy to crush after severe impact. Therefore, if you want to make the wheels stronger, you need to replace forged wheels with good performance and higher safety.

Forging is a processing method that uses forging machinery to apply pressure to metal blanks to produce plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. Due to the high-pressure impact of the forged wheel, the density will be higher and the interaction between the material molecules will be stronger. Less raw materials are needed to achieve sufficient rigidity, so the overall weight will be lighter.

Another relatively better one is called low-pressure casting, which changes the pouring system on the basis of ordinary casting, so that the liquid metal has a certain pressure into the mold. This method can make the metal fill the mold quickly, and the air pressure will not damage the mold too strongly. The wheel rim manufactured by this process can be 30% higher than ordinary gravity casting. This method has high efficiency, high product pass rate, and mechanical properties. good.

Forging can eliminate the looseness of metal casting and make the alloy density higher. It can be seen from the microscope that the density of cast wheels is far lower than that of forging. The molecular structure of forged wheels is closer. The effect is that the degree of deformation of forged wheels is smaller and more intensity.






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