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Must-know car maintenance content dry goods knowledge!
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Must-know car maintenance content dry goods knowledge!

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Safety issues.

The most important thing about driving is the tires and brake pads. The most closely related components are safety and safety. Car tires must be regularly inspected and repaired by a professional inspection agency to ensure stable tire operation and improve driving safety. The braking performance of a car is the most important performance. Long-term use will cause the natural consumption of the brake pads. Therefore, it is necessary to check the brake pads regularly and regularly go to the repair shop for replacement.

Don't step on the brakes for a long time.

If you wait for the red light for more than one minute, you don’t have to keep pressing the brakes without releasing. This waiting time is already too long. The amount of fuel consumed by the engine in idling for 3 minutes is enough to drive 1 km, so wait Once the time is too long, it is better to turn off the engine, but it is better to stop and idle for a short time.

Can the liquid in the water tank be replaced with water?

The water already boils at about 100 degrees, and the boiling point is low. When the temperature drops below 0 degrees, the water freezes again. Therefore, this liquid is not stable and will seriously damage the water tank, auxiliary water tank, water pipe, engine, etc. In places with poor water quality, hard water with more minerals will also produce scale in the cooling system, which will affect the cooling effect. The automotive coolant has the characteristics of anti-rust, high boiling point and low freezing point materials, and its stability and safety are much higher than water.

The door switch makes an abnormal noise.

Many car owners will find that after driving the car for a few years, the door will always make a very disturbing noise. It is very difficult for the door to make a noise and I don't want to send it to the store for repair. In fact, don’t worry if there is a noise, it is caused by the door stopper. You only need to apply a little bit of soap on the stopper by yourself to solve the problem of abnormal door noise.






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