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Forged aluminum wheel rims vs Steel rims
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Forged aluminum wheel rims vs Steel rims

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1. Strength:

The aluminum rim is deformed by 5 cm after being subjected to a pressure of 72,000 kg, VS is deformed by 5 cm after being subjected to a pressure of 14,000 kg,

——The strength of cast aluminum ring is 5 times higher than steel ring.

2. Weight:

Cast aluminum wheels 24 kg VS steel wheels 46 kg,

-Cast aluminum wheels are half lighter than steel wheels.

3. Rigidity:

Cast aluminum rims have good rigidity through T6 heat treatment VS steel rims need to be bent and formed, so the rigidity is poor.

——The aluminum rim has good rigidity and the tire is not easy to wear.

4. No shortage:

The whole cast aluminum rim is forged and formed by spinning VS steel rim spokes, rims are stamped, rolled, and welded.

——Iron wheel rim welding point is the shortcoming of thin.

5. Roundness:

Cast aluminum rims are processed by CNC lathes. VS steel rims are made of steel plates by bending, stamping, and welding.

——The roundness of the aluminum rim is good and the driving is stable at high speed.

6. Balance:

The cast aluminum wheel rim has a uniform density and good dynamic balance. VS The steel wheel rim is formed by bending and welding of iron plates with poor dynamic balance.

——The cast aluminum wheels will not tremble at high speed.

7. Heat dissipation:

Cast aluminum rims have no bubbles and good heat dissipation. VS steel rims do not conduct heat as well as aluminum alloys.

——The low temperature and abrasion resistance of the aluminum rim tire extends the tire life by 26%.

8. Impact:

Experiments on cast aluminum rims prove that the impact is good VS the impact damage of steel rims is severe,

——The cast aluminum rim is impact resistant.

9. Beautiful:

The cast aluminum wheel has a bright and delicate appearance VS the steel wheel rim is dull and rough






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