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Do you know car wheels?
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Do you know car wheels?

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The wheel rim is an important part of a car, and many junior hobbyists sometimes have difficulty in identifying it correctly, and call it words like "tire" or "wheel". In fact, car wheels and tires are two completely different car parts. The so-called "tire" is the rubber part of the car's "wheel". It is soft, so the inner profile of the tire supports the barrel-shaped tire that is mounted on the axle. The parts are called rims.

Due to different language habits, many car users have different names for car wheels, such as "wheels", "tire bells", "car bells" and so on. At present, the original car wheel materials on the market can be divided into steel wheels and alloy wheels, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is an analysis for you one by one.

The main advantages of automobile wheels are simple manufacturing process, relatively low cost, and strong resistance to metal fatigue, which is commonly known as cheap and strong. But the shortcomings are relatively prominent, that is, the appearance is ugly, the weight is large, the inertial resistance is large, the heat dissipation is relatively poor, and it is very easy to rust.

Relatively speaking, automobile wheels made of alloy materials can just make up for such problems. They have lighter weight, low inertial resistance, high manufacturing accuracy, and small deformation during high-speed rotation. The inertial resistance is small, which is conducive to improving the straight-line driving performance of the car. Reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby saving fuel consumption. The thermal conductivity of the alloy material is about three times that of steel. Good heat dissipation can play a certain role in the braking performance of the car and the thermal attenuation of the braking system.

The car wheels of the original cars on the market are mainly made of aluminum alloy. In order to meet certain special requirements and improve the vision, the modified wheels will choose chromium, titanium and other elements as basic materials. However, the price of alloys is more expensive than that of steel wheels.






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