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Combining tires and wheels to analyze the problem of coolant level leakage
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Combining tires and wheels to analyze the problem of coolant level leakage

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In the state of engine cooling, check the transparent coolant tank. If the liquid level remains between the "F" and "L" mark lines of the reservoir, it meets the requirements. If the liquid level is at or below the "L" line, It is necessary to add coolant to make the liquid level reach the "F" line.

After the coolant is filled, if the coolant level drops in a short time, it means that there may be a leak. The low-pressure hub needs to visually inspect the radiator, hoses, engine coolant filler cap, radiator and drain cock, and Check the pump to see if there is any water coming out.

If no leakage is found, you need to drive your car to the designated service station for further testing. Note that to prevent burns, do not remove the radiator cap when the engine is still hot.

In the words "no shoes are short underfoot", shoes can reflect a person's dressing taste. The beauty of the wheels also has a great influence on the image of your car. Who doesn't like these dynamic and solid, like The same RIM flower.

Wheel hub: also called wheel rim, English RIM, which means wheel hub. In layman's terms, it is the part where the axle is installed in the center of the wheel. It is an important part of the brand that connects the brake drum (or brake disc), the wheel disc and the half-axle truck wheel hub. It is sleeved on the shaft tube or steering knuckle journal with bearings.

Wheel hubs are mainly divided into casting and forging from the manufacturing process. Generally, the casting ring is made of aluminum, while the forging ring is made of aluminum and titanium. In general, the forging ring is strong and used for racing cars. Forged ring, the first-level forged ring used for racing is equivalent to half the weight of our ordinary cast ring for passenger wheel hub brands. The lighter the weight, the less power loss the car will run, and the faster it will run.

Another distinguishing index of the wheel hub is the difference between the hole pitch and the eccentricity. The hole pitch is simply the position of the screw. The eccentricity reflects the distance from the surface (fixing surface) of the wheel used for screwing to the center line of the wheel. The requirements for a good wheel hub are: uniform density, round shape, low thermal deformation, and strong aluminum alloy wheels.

The wheels can be updated. Some people upgrade their cars and use larger wheels, but the outer diameter of the tire remains the same, the flatness of the tire becomes larger, the lateral swing of the car is smaller, and the stability is improved, but the car What is lost is comfort.

The combination of tires and wheels is like a combination of clothes and shoes for a car. Once matched, they can complement each other.






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