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Are Forged wheels the best wheel craftsmanship today?
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Are Forged wheels the best wheel craftsmanship today?

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The wheel materials on the market are mainly divided into two categories: steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels. Steel wheels are commonly found in large trucks. For small cars that pay attention to appearance design, aluminum alloy wheels are their mainstream.

As we all know, the original wheel rim has a single shape, high repetition rate, and performance is not superior enough, and it is not welcomed by modification enthusiasts, so there is a saying that "the first step of modification is to change the rim". Aluminum alloy wheels are the first choice for modification enthusiasts. Today we will briefly enumerate the differences in craftsmanship between aluminum alloy wheels.

In terms of craftsmanship, there are three main manufacturing methods for aluminum alloy wheels: casting, forging and MAT spinning.


Casting is generally divided into "gravity casting" and "low pressure casting". The manufacturing process of gravity casting is very simple. Pour the liquid metal directly into the mold and wait for it to cool. However, because the product quality is not high in controllability and is prone to defects, it can be said that it has been almost abandoned by the wheel manufacturing industry, so today we are mainly talking about low pressure casting.

Low-pressure casting means pouring aluminum water into the mold by applying pressure from the equipment, so that the entire solidification process is under a certain pressure. In this way, the density of the molten aluminum is smaller, the strength of the wheel rim is higher, and the quality of the finished product is better, and the defective rate is lower, which is very suitable for the mass production of the wheel manufacturing industry.


Custom forged wheels are a more complex manufacturing method than casting, and the process cost is higher. They are mainly used in high-performance sports cars, racing cars or modified cars. Forging refers to stamping of solid aluminum alloy material by a forging press, and when it meets certain requirements of shape, size, performance, strength, etc., it is then finished forging into shape. Wheels of this kind of technology are more ideal in terms of weight and strength, so the price of finished products will be higher. Some forged wheels are dozens of times higher than cast wheels due to their shape and brand.

MAT spinning

If cast wheels are too heavy and forged wheels are too expensive, MAT spinning will be a good choice.

MAT spinning is a technology that can guarantee the weight and quality of the wheel at the same time, and it can also take into account the cost. It is the main product of the domestic refitting wheel factory. It is based on the reprocessing of forging technology, using professional equipment to rotate and pressurize the casted rim embryo, change the molecular order of the metal, make it appear a higher density than casting, and increase its strength. The wheels manufactured in this way are comparable in strength to forged wheels, and their weight is lighter and thinner than cast wheels, and their weight can be reduced by up to 15% compared to cast wheels.






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